ScrewJack Pedestal Installation

Possibilities are endless when designing and building plaza decks using Westile ScrewJack Pedestals. The ScrewJack system’s elevation range of 1/16 inch to 24 inches allows for building plaza decks over almost any sloping or difficult surface.

Installing pavers is efficient! Building plaza decks over occupied space has never been easier. The unique screw-to-adjust feature eliminates tedious and time-consuming installation often associated with constructing level decks over sloping surfaces. Construction crews quickly level each plaza paver by turning the pedestal base, even while loaded.

Future access to waterproofing entails simply removing specific plaza pavers. ScrewJack adjustments within the allowed range are accomplished by merely turning the pedestal base and you’re done - saving time and money!

Our Pedestal Product Page includes dimensions and product photos for Screwjack Adjustable Pedestals, Fixed Height Pedestals as well as Other Accessories. The Literature section contains a downloadable product brochure.

Please contact Westile to obtain a product count of pedestals and a plan layout free of charge.