Ballast Pavers

Ballast Pavers

Ballast Paver™ is the easiest Lightweight concrete paver to install and is designed to interlock with one another forming a ballast system that effectively secures single-ply roofing membranes. Ballast Paver™ can be used as a walkway, perimeter ballast, or can fully cover a roof for ultimate protection from wind and UV damage.

Five colors are available: One standard Natural Gray color and Four Custom Colors (custom colors are an up-charge), warranty information is also available in the product area. Our Literature section contains a downloadable product brochure. Specifications and an installation guide can be found within the Technical section.

Unique Interlocking Ballast Paver System

Westile Ballast Pavers™ are designed to interlock, forming a ballast system that effectively secures single-ply roofing membranes.

Ballast Paver cut-away

Features and Benefits:

  • Easiest Paver to Install
  • Extruded Molded Manufacturing Process
  • Ship-Lap Interlocking Feature
  • Built-in Four-Way Drainage
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant
  • Fire Proof
  • Membrane Protection from Ultraviolet Degradation
  • 105 pieces per 100 Square Feet
  • .944 square feet per paver

Ballast Pavers™ are not intended to be used as a plaza deck. Foot traffic should be limited to the occasional pedestrian or maintenance personnel.

A registered professional engineer, at the request and expense of the owner or architect, shall evaluate the roof structure to ensure it can receive the weight of the Ballast Paver™ system.

Superior Wind Resistance

The 13.75 lb./sq. ft. interlocking pavers provide superior resistance to wind blow off, far exceeding the performance of gravel and other paver systems. Westile Ballast Paver™ has been tested at Colorado State University. See Westile's Design and Installation Guide for more information.

Green Building & Sustainability

Westile white solar reflective pavers have a standard solar reflective index (SRI) of 79.7 which will help meet most requirements for low slope roof energy efficiency. In addition to providing outstanding durability, Arctic White Ballast Pavers™ from Westile effectively reduce interior heat gain and cooling loads as well as assisting to reduce heat island effect.


Walkway Application

Ballast Walkway Walkways using Ballast Paver start at 16½" wide and can be customized by installing Ballast Paver side by side, creating walkways.

Perimeter Ballasted Application

Perimeter Ballast Ballast Paver used as a perimeter ballast (10 feet minimum) guards against gravel scour and protects the roofing system at it's most vulnerable area.

Fully Ballasted Application

Fully Ballasted Application Ballast paver has been wind tunnel tested at Colorado State University and far exceeds the performance of gravel ballast and other paver systems.

Ballast Paver wind engineered systems (Systems I - IV) are designed for new or existing buildings.